Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Grey Wood Furniture By Alexander Rose Studio

Alexandra Luchian has created a gallery of contemporary wood furniture for Sicanni-based company Sicati Marcelli. In addition to the main structure that holds a piano, the company also created a modular system with various plug-in stations meant to simplify the […]

Built In Aquariums At The Entrance

This is the entrance to the aquarium in the roof room of Hotel Indigo in Bangkok. Built in 2010, this 5-story high, 11,000 square foot apartment is the home of interior designer Emily Sapp. The apartment is located on the […]

Hutches For Kitchens With A Difference

Folks, we all have a problem. The kitchen is never itself but we try to surround ourselves with everything that reminds us of our house. So when you’re remodeling or building a kitchen, try to think outside the box. It’s […]

Basement Room Decor Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have more space in your house then you’re probably also well aware that there are various ways of storing this space. For example, there are tons of ideas to choose from when decorating the basement. […]