The bedroom plays of the openings received in order to connect the interior with the exterior. The result will be a special ambient full of dynamism and life. Bright and simple colors will be alternated, the natural wood for example, shiny and bright. In all of this the emphasis will be on the views in front of the large windows.

Glass doors are not an out of the question either, given that the bedroom is totally separated from the outside but still in communication with it, it has a glass rail system instead of solid walls.The entire furniture was adapted to fit the glass walls, and even the bed is made of glass, giving the interior a certain extra space. The main colors for the interior are the tones of white and wood, more exactly the shades of gray and the lighter tone of natural wood.

The comfortable furniture and the colorful pieces of art create a very warm atmosphere and take away the feeling of confinement that is the industrial style. It is definitely a break from the norm, a place that implies order, respect and comfort.

Striped Bedroom Walls With Glass Doors Photo 4