Do you want to relax in style at home? Who doesn’t want to recharge your batteries and feel like a real rock star? The Neo-Metro floor cushions offer you that and more. They are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns which will please you and your loved ones.

The cushions have a very interesting design. They feature square shaped cushions, most of them with different combinations of colors and patterns. They are made of 100% cotton voile, with an extra deep pocket. This pocket is functioning on a rod and can be worn as a jersey, burlap, bunting, chain or any other similar item. The cushions are being manufactured by Neo-Metro.As the deep pockets are present more in the blue color, the model is also available in the white color. This way you can choose the combination of colors and the pattern that you like best.The price for the Neo-Metro 3 Piece Bistro Set of 2 Step Serenity Closet Set comes in thr $128.