Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

White Office Interior Design In Spain

This is an office of a Spanish organisation allied to the president of the Group being Barcelona Fantol. Designed by a Spanish architect Cristina Moya who used an white color for the corridors, the place is a stimulating place where […]

Mini Gyms By Space International

Mini-gyms are part of some of the most amazing inventions and most of the times the owners do not even know how to describe them. They are space-saving, very useful and they can be very profitably bought. Space-International, a young […]

Grout Cleaning Diy Project

It’s true that when you are grouting, cleaning the tile or the grout lines you feel so free to move around. This is because the tiles or the grout doesn’t “pop” as easily in the vertical direction as down the […]

Hanging Lamp Shades By Rio Freitas

Man has always been fascinated by different things like the way he decorated his ablue green clothes or the way he made of his raw materials so that he could use them for all kind of practical things like paper, […]