It’s not Christmas without reindeer and we all want them to stand out for us and for our families. So how about we come up with a new festive ornament this year and try to do something fun for the whole family? Like I always say, reindeer is not just a stop cute in front of the house, it’s a gift we all share and we all love. A reindeer ornament can be a very fun gift. You basically take any other reindeer from your house and you make a little garland using that as a template. You could use different reindeer that you already have or you can just buy a new one.

In this case you should probably come up with your own pattern or idea. If you have a fireplace then it’s perfect because you can just make a cake on those ornaments and then put them on the candles. If you want you can also add some small, colorful flowers on each plate. You can have several plates and arrange them in such a way that they look like reindeer, snowman or other winter-like animals. Anyway, you can also put some small clothespins on each plate, for a more personalized look.{found on neighborsbygrandma}

Diy Reindeer Ornament For Christmas Photo 3