The idea of designing a house and outdoor space that blend together is something that has to be accomplished or at least imagined and that opens a door to beautiful ideas. So how would you imagine such a design would be? We found a perfect example for that. This is the Tropical House on display here. It’s a lovely space with a bright, open and breezy design.

The house was designed by Australian architect David Boyle, and it’s located in Woolloomoo, a town situated in the northern suburbs of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The color palette chosen for the project features blue cement, yellow and turquoise as the main colors combined with natural wood and stone. Overall, the project area was 1100 square meters and the architectural team chose a very versatile design strategy.

Patio Blueprints For Designing A Tropical House Photo 2

The architects focused on creating a large and open space with maximized access to natural light and panoramic views. The spaces has been organized in a way that would allow the users to enjoy the views regardless of the season. The roof of the building features an opening that allows natural light to penetrate the building at all times, resulting in a bright interior and exterior spaces.

Patio Blueprints For Designing A Tropical House Photo 3

The design is modern and eco-friendly. The opening section becomes an eyesore for the inhabitants. The fixed glass section separating the bedroom from the rest of the spaces is a very interesting and original feature. The bedroom is like a glass box. The rest of the spaces are organized around it, each one having its own identity and character.