This is a small wooden cabin that was designed by studio Carlos Gilardi. It’s located in La Planicie, in Chile and it’s a wonderful summer retreat. It’s perfect for those wanting to escape the urban environment and to go somewhere where they can relax from all the noise and stress. The cabin is surrounded by beautiful nature and it’s surrounded by wild nature. It’s like a tiny oasis amidst the chaos.

The cabin occupies a site that was once used to build a timber cross structure for a dairy, with no other master or owner houses nearby. The footprint of the structure was definitely not an advantage so it became important to focus on creating a small and secure retreat. The architects managed to use the existing trees in a great way. they surrounded the garden with tall pine trees and they managed to preserve the trees but to make them part of the inner structure.

The cabin is clad in wood which gives it a warm and elegant look. It has small windows which let it plenty of natural light and it also features a small deck with a wooden roof that actually becomes a small patio between the windows and the interior space. The cabin was built using upcycled materials and sustainable methods which include the use of wood from salvaged materials, rubber beams from hotel lobbies and parts from transportation crashes.