A shower curtain changes everything, no matter what the design is. Even the most unconventionally-shaped ones that are eye-catching and interesting tend to lose their striking ability when they get out of proportion. But that’s not a problem for the shower curtain. This one, called the Mantis, is an adaptation of the original design created by Giacomo Brunussi.

The shower curtain features a beautiful botanical print, very suggestive of the flowers of the nearby mountains. The pattern is transparent and gives the room a very modern and simple look. As you can see, the inspiration source for this pattern was quite unlikely. The clock had to be remeascced and the existing shape was reinterpreted. Country-chic was what the designer needed so this beautiful pattern was the perfect choice.

The muted green foreground of this shower curtain makes it stand out even more. The pattern is indeed very suggestive, especially when combined with silver accents.

This shower curtain features a beautiful botanical print but in a softer and pastel version. The colors are more sober and a little less vibrant. Also, this is a black-striped shower curtain which helps equalize the colors even more.

This bathroom has a very interesting culture. It features a unique style, unique even. Notice the arched ceiling, the old but very elegant chandelier suspended from the ceiling and the glass wall that separates the bathroom from the rest of the room.

Ombre walls are quite fun and challenging to decorate but here it’s another great example. This shower curtain combines colors in several different ways, in this case green and pink. Also, the green is not a pastel shade like the rest of the colors but rather a dark brown which matches the floor and the furniture.

Ombre curtains are also a great option for the bedroom. They can be used as decorative accent features or they can simply disrupt the décor. This one, for example, features cheerful green stripes and the pink and white and gray accents are a nice dose of color and pattern.

Here’s another great example of how colorful curtains are able to transform a shower. This one features cheerful turquoise curtains which were painted with a dark turquoise paint color. They match the walls and the furniture and give this portion of the bathroom a fresh and relaxing feel.

Not all shower curtains are colorful but this is definitely more unusual than most ones. This pair of gray and blue striped shower curtains features a very dull and flat pattern which may seem to be less striking but it actually suits this shower curtain really well.

This turquoise blue shower curtain is actually a series of several other colors which were separately created and arranged in a way that looks like this. The arrangement is quite original as it is meant to pair together two adjacent white curtains, not three.

Marble pattern shower curtains are always the star of any bathroom. They can be simple or painted and this shower curtain is perfect in this sense. It’s colorful and has a fresh look and it actually features a die cutting machine printing on it.

This turquoise blue shower curtain actually looks like a pin of the sea marina, the one nearby where the ship stranded in the sea. In this environment light is important and so are the shower curtains. This shower curtain is definitely the focal point of the bathroom.

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