This is a small garden shed, or a tiny house. It doesn’t have roof and walls so it’s a green space. It’s a tiny house and it might not be very large, but it’s where the owner likes to go to sleep. This interesting little garden shed was designed by joi and it’s a very beautiful and clever space-saving structure.

The compact structure is situated in the corner or near the road and it has a very dedicated kitchen. The owner likes to cook and she also loves to bake cookies so that the kitchen becomes handy and space-efficient. The design of the house is simple but also bold and colorful. The colors are beautifully chosen and they create a very nice contrast. The square-shaped house features two rooms, one large space the owner uses as a kitchen and the other as a living and dining room.

Cottage Garden Shed By Joi Photo 2

The kitchen is practically divided into two separate areas. One of them is for cooking and the other one is a social space. In the living room there’s a small sofa that looks very comfortable. Underneath there’s storage space. It’s a very functional and practical area that solves the storage problem. If you want to enjoy your tea, you can take a tea bag or a small tray and put it near the window. It will be an eye-catching decoration. On the other side of the sofa there’s a desk with an elegant chair. It’s placed in front of the window and it’s very convenient.

The second room is the bedroom. The room is very simple and has wooden flooring. It’s an area just large enough for a bed and a storage shelf. The owner also likes to sleep in the bedroom, despite the fact that it’s small. It’s because it gets better when you’re tired and your room temperature goes down.

The bathroom is quite small. It’s only room for a shower and a small toilet. The tiled wall is a very nice detail. The white walls create an airy atmosphere and the furniture is very simple.