It’s cold outside and when you get home, your face gets all messy again because of your snaking walkway, boots and umbrella until you get chilly and want to grab a cold drink. Ever since my little daughter was little I have a hard time staying awake. For those who are lucky enough to have a big window, maybe you should consider investing in a throw pillow. Just to be sure you’re not throwing it out on the bed every time you see one.

The most important thing when picking a throw pillow for your home is to choose one that’s comfortable and convenient without being intrusive. No matter what color, print or pattern it is you want it to be, it needs to be super comfortable to sit on and to look great. In that regard, the following options are quite popular and they all come with advantages.

Throw Pillow Ideas For An Extra Space Photo 2

1. The zebra print.

Throw Pillow Ideas For An Extra Space Photo 4

Here’s a great and easy way of introducing an unexpected detail in the house: a zebra print. In fact, in a white décor, it can really light up the atmosphere. Even though it’s a less common option, zebra print is a nice way of creating focal points and adding color in a simple way. It’s also a nice way of creating contrasts, A bright shade such as zebra can be a little too bright for the kitchen so be sure to choose a more muted tone for the rest of the décor.

Throw Pillow Ideas For An Extra Space Photo 5

2. The chevron pattern.

In case you don’t like the classical designs of the chevron and be discouraged by it, there is also a variant of the pattern which is also elegant and beautiful. The difference is that it’s a diagonally pattern and thus has a centered starting point and it’s also not nearly as popular as the rectangular version. Nevertheless, this is a good option if you want the atmosphere to be more relaxing.

3. The checkerboard pattern.

The checkerboard pattern has been popular for many years. It’s a classical motif seen in many colors and not only. The pattern is small in size and very simple that it instantly becomes a beautiful and eye-catching detail in any room. It’s a nice strategy for spaces such as the bathroom where you can decorate the walls with it for a fresh and clean look.

4. The cubic design.

The cubic pattern is also a stylish motif. It’s the versatile version of the square. It features a combination of white and gray with tiny squares of various dimensions arranged in a grid. This new variant allows these tiny grids to be reused as hooks, coat racks or even for the entry door.

5. The abstract design.

This is a unique pattern and it basically consists of a series of cubic lines chartered by two lines that meet at a trough in the middle. It’s an abstract pattern that looks very similar to the classical arches or even the Nile. The main idea behind this design is the same but the look is unique. This type of wallpaper is a great choice for modern or contemporary bathrooms.

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