If you are planning to renovate the rooms of your house, considering taking care of the walls, the ceiling and the floor you will need a nice housekeeping room. Lamps are known to be traditional accessories used by the people to make their rooms look beautiful and inviting. They usually find their inspiration in nature, for example in the colors of plants.

The next project refers to an interior design of a private house in Bangkok, Thailand. The theme of the project refers to burnt walls and ceiling. In simple terms, this type of paint is the best at giving a result that resembles natural wood. In addition, it renders the warm and nice feeling that is inherent in burnt walls.

Although the walls and ceiling seem to be covered with burnt paint, in fact they are painted in white. This way, the ceilings and the walls become one and the same. Even though the walls and the ceiling are white, the rest of the house seems to be a unique combination of white and burnt color.

Burnt Orange Walls And Ceiling By Vangelis Photo 3

In conclusion,ijn | ratioschotema became a beautiful private house providing the comfort that every living room is looking for.{found on mymodernmet}.

Burnt Orange Walls And Ceiling By Vangelis Photo 4