Curtains have always been an indispensable part of our homes. In fact, they are probably the most important decorative elements. Modern curtains, especially curtains that also have pattern on them, present a mixture of old and new that stands out as much as it does because of the simplicity of the design and the elegance of the resulting effect. Some curtains have simple and clean-cut designs while others feature a combination of patterns.

The first category includes mostly feminine curtains. They are elegant and pretty simple. They also have a simple pattern that doesn’t vary much. Here are a few such curtains. The pattern served is the same for both of them. They feature simple lines and monograms left on the fabric. Here the color contrast is very beautiful. The pattern chosen features a combination of black and white stripes.

Modern Curtains 2015, Perfect For Your Terrace Photo 2

This type of curtains features a combination of black and white lines with small, square pillows that form a more complex pattern. The combination is a little more eye-catching and dynamic. The colors are also very different for this type of curtains.

Even though the pattern is the same for the two types of curtains, it’s not the same either. In this case, the small red dot are marks that make the curtains stand out. They contrast with the black background and add visual interest to the curtains.

There’s no right or wrong way to design or decorate a curtain. It all depends on the user’s preferences and the way the rest of the room is decorated and organized. In this particular case, the room seems to have been designed for modesty. The curtains have small square pillows and they stand out in the blue section.

Thursday is a different type of curtain. It features a very interesting design with large dots that cover the top and part of the window. This type of curtain is not the classical design we’re used with. It can feature more elaborate patterns with lots of details on it. It would make a unique decoration for the hallway. It’s a feature that would stand out regardless of the color and the pattern used.

Designer Cao Signs has created a curtain divider which has a continuous design. It’s a feature that combined two functions into one simple and flexible design. The curtain is designed to be used as a partition between two spaces but it can also be bent to fit perfectly around the windows.

However, even without the curtain the room still looks rather simple. This is a feature that increases the importance of the little details in this case. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

When you don’t have much space to use for the decorations you don’t want to cover up, you can become a minimalist and clever approach and integrate the curtains as well as other small details in their décor.

This living room has contrasting interior décor elements. One of them is the birch-pine wall and the other is the hardwood-shelf covering for the ceiling. The rod-frame ceiling light is also an interesting detail.{found on postcardandtome}.

When you don’t have a lot of space for decorations, it’s easier to add a few purely functional details. For example, this curtain features a minimalist design with geometrical shapes and it integrates beautifully into the living room’s décor. It functions as a curtain, inside but also outside.

This is a curtain with an industrial look and it features a rustic toggle switch. It’s simple and functional and it hides a secret. The bold colors are meant to make the décor stand out.{found on jessicabordeguez}.

Sometimes it’s all about the color, the size and shape of the curtain. This one, for example, was made using a curtain fabric, a door handle and some knobs. It features a beautiful texture and a soft color which combined give the décor a modern look.

When selecting the color of the curtain it’s important to take into consideration the significance of the room. This tiny room has such a bold and large black curtain leading right into the kitchen and the bathroom. The décor of the kitchen is extremely simple, with no area rugs, no furniture and very little color. It’s why the curtains were also considered a symbol of boldness and beauty.

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