This project is located in the Melana area of Stockholm and it has been designed by Dominique Nautaar Architecture. It’s a holiday residence and it has a very beautiful design. The client was British and wanted a serene and minimalist house that would allow him to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the wonderful outdoor features without being disturbed by furniture and decorations.

The house is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and it has been designed in such a way that it would allow the users to enjoy the views, the sunlight and the surrounding nature. The house is divided into two volumes. One of the volumes is light and contemporary while the other is strong and heavy and the contrast is very visible. Moreover, the house also has an irregular structure and this is the reason why it’s also beautiful and interesting.

The interior of the house is divided into two volumes. On the ground level there’s a semi-covered space used as a garage. This area can also be sued as a living room whenever the owner is not using it. The second volume is a little more spacious and it includes the living room, the kitchen and the dining room. It’s a more intimate area. The main volume features large windows Clarence, Baltan and Pietermansko windows / glass doors. This way the users can also admire the landscape without any interruptions.

Austrian Holiday House By Dominique Nautaar Photo 4