When choosing the materials for the countertops you need to take into consideration color, edge, grain, edge, etc. And when choosing the colors you must also take into consideration price, type, surface, etc. Also you must take into account the cost in this case. You can’t make Pon’pu countertops look identical so your countertops will need to match. So if it’s too expensive to choose just one color let’s say that is $300 – $500. Also, the designs for countertops are various so you can be sure you’ll have lots of options to choose from.

1. The natural concrete.

Concrete countertops are very popular and they are appreciated for their simple elegance and smooth and uniform surfaces. They are also more durable than granite or other types of countertops. Concrete can be stained or can be varnished, it can be polished or textured and it can be created with various forms.

2. The concrete countertop K-301 which comes in yellow, white, grey, red and black.

This particular model is called K-301 and it has a very nice color and a very interesting design. It’s a low-maintenance countertop which comes in bright colors such as yellow, blue, white or black. It has a very simple and basic design with a rectangular top and it’s made of solid wood with beech grooves at the edges and a round bottom.

3. The Concrete.

This is a much more unusual choice. This is the concrete countertop and it’s made of concrete and clay. The material is thrown into the mix together, resulting this unique, geometrically-looking, stacked design. The top is perfectly rectangular and it has alternating top and bottom framing.

4. The cobalt blue.

This countertop has a bold, square-shaped top with a distinct angle and it’s made of cobalt blue marble. The cobalt is great for outdoor use because it can withstand the harsh conditions found in the garden. This is a very functional and eye-catching countertop, not to mention that the shape and overall design are very beautiful as well.

5. The plum.

This countertop is very elegant and it has a textured design. It’s made from white marble purees with bluish-gray veins and grain, a neutral and versatile color that can be used with a variety of different colors. It’s large enough to handle double the serving space and it has a simple and modern design.

6. The Krups.

This is a Krups countertop, another version of our previous example. As you can see, it’s made from the same material as in the first example but it has a flat and more uniform look. It’s a moderately-sized countertop with a refined industrial feel. It’s a nice fit for kitchen islands or bars.

7. The lime.

Lime is a very unique and very beautiful color. It has the color of fresh water and it mixes it with a little bit of brown wood. It’s also a perfect choice if you want to add an edgy look to your countertop. A lime countertop would be both refreshing and elegant.

8. The creak.

This countertop has a creAK feature. It’s not a typical creak lining that gets moved to the edges of the wood. It’s where the friction of the grain determines what colors the finish will be. A creak-like finish means the edge of the wood will be uneven.

9. The plum.

This color is so rich and vibrant it would look great on any type of countertop. It would definitely brighten up a kitchen or bar and it can have a slightly feminine touch as well. Plum is a color that’s not as vibrant but still vibrant and eye-catching nonetheless.

10. The burnt.

Burnished concrete features a very interesting texture. It’s a sort of stone fused together and exposed to all sorts of different chemicals and conditions. These chemicals make it prone to all sorts of negative factors, making it extremely versatile and alluring. This type of countertop is perfect for the kitchen but also the bathroom.