Even though summer has passed and it’s almost time to hibernation, we still couldn’t help thinking about all the fun and outdoor party ideas that you can use to decorate your home. So here’s a selection of 10 of the best theme ideas and designs to choose from.

1. Snakearium

The first thing you need to do is decide on a design for your mini garden. The shape and color can vary but always keep in mind that it needs to be in one of the rooms where you can find some natural light. After that, select a colorful and fun theme and go with it.{found on site}.

2. Folk Art

This is a theme celebrated in the rural areas but it can also be adapted for other areas such as the beach, the backyard, the terrace or by the entrance door. Use bold colors and choose a theme that makes you unique and different.{found on sailseafriends}.

3. Forest

The forest is the largest environment for you to use for the party. Adapt the décor to the scale of the woods that are surrounding you.{found on site}.

4. Safari

The safari theme is always a good choice. For a zen party, use colors such as shades of green, blue and yellow. You can put up crude animal silhouettes for a more exotic look.{found on thesafariweddingchic}.

5. Emerald

The emerald theme is very delicate and it’s also suites very well rooms. For example, use bold shades of emerald green for the walls and silver for the accessories and decorations.{found on site}.

6. Handbag

You can adapt the theme of the party to your own needs and preferences. For example, you can use a handbag as a base or as a decoration. You can also include rhinestones in there just to give the décor a more natural look.{found on etsy}.

7. Marble

Marble is a very versatile material and it can be used in a lot of interesting ways when it comes to party decorations. One idea is to make a garland decorated with large nails and to display it on the table.{found on astarstruck}.

8. Balloon

If you have large balloons for some reason, then you can come up with a really interesting idea for this year’s Halloween party. Put a layer of black paper on the balloons and then write the number of the guests. If you want, you can also draw something on.{found on thehappyhousie}.

9. Bat

And since bats are such a common symbol for Halloween, they’re also a perfect choice for the party. When you think about, they’re small and easy to make and they’re also easy to display.{found on thecharmofhome}.

10. Tick

If you have a tick at the front of your house, then you can use it as a theme. For a western party, you can make a costume for your front door and turn it into a full-body tick. It’s more of a performance than a Halloween décor but it’s definitely an interesting idea.{found on thethriftycabinet}.