As we’ve said before, small kitchens can be extremely frustrating. They just don’t have enough room for anything that you don’t need. Also, if you have a small kitchen, you might as well get creative and make it work. What might seem like a cluttered space in the kitchen can actually be a very clever idea. The Bitter Kitchen is a creation that attempts to solve the problem posed by the kitchen.

The kitchen was designed by Matool Ticino and it’s a very space-saving piece that features a minimalist design and plenty of storage space. There’s also another very important detail that is always important when talking about small kitchens. That’s the fact that you can make it seem bigger simply by using the right materials. The dimensions of this kitchen are as follows: on body 31.63? w , 15.75? d , 28.75? h, seat only 3.25? w / 3.25? d / 14.75? h.

The kitchen uses the Bitter Kitchen System, a very promising creation that allows you to transform the kitchen into a very comfortable and practical space and to make it serve you for a variety of purposes. As you can see, the kitchen also offers storage. The piece serves as a spacious breakfast area and bar, with a leather bench and two tall cabinets and storage space. If you need some extra storage space you can also use the doors.Available for 571$.

Tiny Apartment Kitchen By Matool – Bitter Kitchen Photo 4