Using a neutral color palette it’s so easy to incorporate the rest of your home into the fall theme. Using one or two pieces of neutral color will add a warm touch without taking away from the overall aesthetics of your home. Here are a few bright highlights for a simple fall décor that will do the trick for your home.


Autumn is the perfect time to welcome yellow into your home. Yellow is a great color for the fall because of all the various shades it comes in; ranging from red, purple, brown, and gold to all of the autumn colors! It’s also the perfect color to add into the kitchen because of all the work involved in preparing, cooking, and serving as well as the bright, sunshiney yellow in the kitchen.

White Yellows Make An Easy, Minimal Fall Décor Idea Photo 3


White Yellows Make An Easy, Minimal Fall Décor Idea Photo 4

Another color that works well in the fall is green. Green is a great color to welcome guests into the home. The cozy, warm hue of this color adds a sense of coziness and welcome. Even a hue of rust color will work beautifully with green.


If you’re a person who likes to use color consciously, black is a bold, delightful, and trendy color. It works beautifully in the fall because the darker tone provides the perfect backdrop to the lighter hue. This color of black and brown is also great for the bathroom.


A variety of shades of purple will help to bring out the beauty in this natural palette. The room will be festive, friendly, and comfortable, making it a fun space to enjoy. For additional color pairing ideas, consider purple and gold.


Appletizing perfectly in autumn is a fast way to incorporate the color of spring and fall into your décor. Apple is a lovely color to incorporate in your fall décor. Make it an accent by pairing it with orange, or red, or even gray.


Incorporating yellow into your fall décor is a good idea because yellow is bright and cheerful and all of us want to welcome bright spring notes into our homes this season. More bright yellow is always a good idea.


As we are told above, green is brought to life by the count of the and that’s especially true when it’s the color of spring and summer. Ponder this color blend and infused your home with a bit of nature.

Orange + red.

Orange is friendly and relaxing, which makes it an excellent color to pair with red. The color allows the introduction of the vibrant color, which will almost always balance the brightness.

Purple + red.

We know this color has a reputation of being a bold color, but when paired in Autumn, it actually looks cozy and inviting. Because the warmth and coziness of these two colors can so easily enchant a place, why not accent a space well with one of these two?

Orange + red.

We can see why this color combination works so well in the context of autumn and winter bedrooms. Because the vibrancy of the colors allows the shadows to play off of the colors, the panels just look naturally vibrant.

Orange + red.

Of course, if you really want to embrace red, but want to make it an orange color, red is definitely the way to go. The color is a bit more muted than orange, but still has the reddish hunger that makes it an actual favorite color rather than just a fun accent color.