When you’re a busy person and you like sleeping in unorthodox places, it’s natural to have lots of different alternatives and to be able to choose the best one for you. But you don’t always have a choice. Since apartments are usually small, the only way to get an interior décor that’s still somewhat conventional is to get a big bed and to leave some room for a dummy. This way you can always use the floor for another function and you can still fit a crib or something similar in there. But what about the bed? It’s not exactly the most important part. But it’s certainly very interesting.

Here are two floor beds that have been cleverly divided. Of course, the first one is a queen size set. It’s actually a king-size set so there’s two queens. They each have their own footstool and a dresser. The bed is a little unusual because it has been suspended from the ceiling at each side. This way it allows the users to use it comfortably whenever they want. The second floor also has another option. It’s a walk-in-the-room bed. In each case it has been cleverly divided. The staircase has been relocated and the whole room is now divided into two zones. It’s a functional choice but it doesn’t seem like a very practical idea.{found on mymodernfamily}.

2 Floor Bed Units For Complex Sleeping Arrangements Photo 2

2 Floor Bed Units For Complex Sleeping Arrangements Photo 3