Playful and striking, this box shelf is a new way of decorating your home or office space. Designed by Ewa Garniec, the colorful boxed shelf will hide its actual function, but will certainly adorn the room with its cheerful look. The box shelf is a great way to store and display not only books, but also decorate with colorful accessories, or even create a gallery wall.

The shelf is made from vibrantly yellow painted wood, which gives it a youthful look. The shelf has some space for storing boxes and other items you might need to open and close your storage space. The item is very easy to place at any angle that you need and needs to be mounted in a secure place.

This innovative shelving method could be easily installed in any part of your home or office. You can have it in any color, can be minimalist or flashy, so you don’t have to worry too much over placement or shipping.

Diy Box Shelf By Ewa Garniec Photo 4