It’s Valentine’s Day and this means you should already start thinking of a big gift for your loved ones. A wreath would be a simple and easy way of creating a focal point in the room and you can also display it in other ways as well. Wreaths are really common decorations and for the table or hallways. However, Valentine’s Day is almost universally used for this day. Everybody knows how Christmas is special and it’s only in February that we celebrate this symbol. That’s why we decided to offer you a few ideas for a variety of different wreath and you’ll be able to make your own wish come true.

Depending on the size of the room you want to decorate, you can choose a different wreath design. The one featured on 100things2do is really cute and, as you can see, it’s made of cupcake liners. Each wreath is covered with colored cardstock sotering onto the opposite wooden surface. If you don’t have cardstock, maybe you can find some paper or cardboard with the design you want and simply use that as a template.

The wreath featured on designingvibes is also cute and, as you can see, the supplies used to make it are not that many. This one is made of wooden shapes cut into stripes and a tapestry hoop. So basically you just have to stain the wood and then drill four holes on one end of each row of boards which will lead to the hoops. Then chain the pieces together and add the finishing touches.

Valentine’s Day Wreath – A Big Present For That Special Someone Photo 3

If you want to make a bigheart wreath, then use an elaborately designed foam core board. You can paint it red or any other color you want. Then you have to figure out how to decorate the wreath with red fabric flowers and some flag-themed ornaments. You can find some suggestions on withalloneblessed.

Triangle-shaped wreaths are quite popular and often used when creating presents. But instead of crafting the wreath yourself, you can buy some ready-made ones. Use the tutorial provided on thecraftingnook. Cut the foam core into the desired shape and then slip the pieces through the holes and into the wreath form.