Vanities are a major hot trend right now. They’re adding an unexpected pop of personality and decorating style to a space, whether it’s a living room, bedroom, kitchen or home office. Some people find these spaces to be too “vanity” for living room and “home office” spaces. Let’s take a look at how to pull this off and turn it into a glamorous, sophisticated, and organized space.

1. Neutral, Sophisticated.

Using neutral, sophisticated shade to create a clean foundation is a great way to create textures and extra pop. This creates a sophisticated, almost even old-time, feeling to the space.

2. Refined, Artful.

Sometimes lines, shapes, or details can truly enhance a space and enhance style. And with the addition of a fresh, smooth shade of yellow, all of those details become much more fun and interesting.

3. Bright, Vivacious.

Yellow can easily become a bright, vibrant or even a moody color depending on the shade chosen. Usually yellow is a happy, sunny color, but depending on the shade chosen, this can turn into a vibrant, rowdy or even an angry color depending on the opposing color.

4. Super Youthful.

Yellow does well on a youthful, fun color scheme. It’s versatile and doesn’t clash well with other “bright” colors like red, black or oatmeal.

5. Unforgettable, Versatile.

There’s always a unique way to make a yellow sofa pop in the living room, and once that neon shade has been added to the space, the rest of your home will have a completely new style.

6. Muted, Calm.

Sometimes it’s all about the shade of yellow … and this muted, calm shade will be a perfect shade to finish off the room. It works well with a crisp, white and becomes the anchor of a space.

7. Stained, Revived.

A bit of this color can make a surprising and revitalized space. Even if the shade is more muted, nothing will upset or become out of control.

8. Charming, Youthful.

This living room has a cultured edge, and that shade is added with the right amount of yellow furniture. It’s with delicacy and style, the perfect addition for a home with a youthful living room.

9. Wild, Curated.

This living room looks like it’s from an eco-friendly home, with a rich shade of yellow and the right amount of furniture and accessories to make a room personal. Of course, the owl pattern brings a bout of sophisticated eye candy too.

10. Charming, Fun.

This room is perfect for the kids of the house. It has a funky style, it has a playful color scheme but in the end, everything is still very serene and calming.