Even though the autumn leaves are giving way to winter charms, the air seems to be very refreshing and brightening. We all try to welcome back into the house after the long winter and hopes are even more complete once again.

So here’s a little suggestion that can help you enjoy the autumn and winter better. Since it’s now winter, you might want to redecorate your home. In this case, the bedroom will be the best place where you can do some relaxation. The bedroom is like a sanctuary, a personal getaway where you can go to recharge your batteries, to relax and to forget about anything else.

Now that it’s winter, you might want to re-purpose your bedroom or you could give up the idea of having a bedroom at all. An alternative might be to turn your attention to something more practical and useful. For example, you could use the bedroom as home office. Given the fact that it’s a personal space where you don’t have to always be surrounded by other people, it could be useful to make this room seem less impersonal with the use of dark colors and soothing textures and beautiful lighting.

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Most likely, if you’re living in the penthouse or the highest floor of a building, you’ll have access to all the natural light that’s coming into the penthouse. You can use translucent glass walls for this purpose. Also, another idea would be to opt for large mirrors that will allow you to check yourself during the day and maybe to see yourself at night.

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