In contemporary buildings, glass block seems to be more and more popular with each passing day. It gets old and apart from its own inherent unique characteristic, such as its capacity for incredible reflected light, glass block has a lot of uses around the home.

This particular glass block house was a new construction in Beijing, China. It’s surrounded by dense residential areas and residential towers and these elements also made it possible for the prospective buyers to be able to see into the home and other sections of the building. The owners didn’t have many requests in terms of requests for functionality but in this case the owners seemed quite happy with the way this place turned out.

The main request for the home was for it to be easy to maintain. Architecteren Davyce Velazquez-Ghenovice intended to create a home that doesn’t need a full vacuum cleaning every year to be filled with fresh, clean, dry air. The owners also wanted it to have as many galleries as possible without requiring the help of interior designers.

The architectural necessity demanded extra thorough cleaning. To make that possible, the architect also ordered that the aluminum windows and glass doors facing the river would be replaced by glass block, thus solving two problems in one shot. The looking glass block from the river front definitely had its intended look, but not the best choice.

In addition, the steel framework of the home needed to be renewed. Its structure had been the home’s main concern since the construction of the building so it needed to be properly reinforced and strong in order to allow the new glass block additions to stand out. Apart from steel, the steel comes from a different materials, but its texture and color is still very well emphasized.

The interior of the home needed to be repainted as well. Many temporary repairs were necessary, but they were cosmetic and waterproofing. The plaster walls have also been sealed for moisture resistance and that definitely helped control humidity.

To make the rooms feel lighter and more inviting, a few subtle changes were also necessary. Their cost was minimal, but this didn’t come cheap. The result, however, is a contemporary look that really suits the interior.