I’m sure that a lot of people usually like to separate the bedroom from the living room or from the kitchen. Sometimes they even make some changes that were meant to make them more organized. But sometimes you just feel the need to re-ihrtommit a certain area and just make a few changes, without modifying the whole design of the house. In the case of this gorgeous bachelor pad, the changes made were very minimal.

The owner of this place is Jonathan Grant who had the idea of separating this space using a curtain rod installed in the ceiling. It might not sound like much but it’s actually a very practical idea. It prevents the people from making mess and it also provides storage space. In addition, the rod is big enough to hold some shelves and it keeps the bedroom from looking like a closet.

The bedroom is a very relaxing and calm space no matter what the situation is. And since the rest of the house was also upgraded, now it’s time for the bedroom to be repainted. It might not be a very sophisticated idea but it’s something that might help make the change. Keep in mind that you’ll most likely have to redecorate the whole room.{found on site}.

Space Separator For Bachelor Pads Photo 3