Decorating with vintage items is always challenging. On one hand it’s good that at least you have something to rely on but on the other hand it’s not right for you to abandon everything when you get tired of it. Here are a few ideas of how you can make your home look beautiful and charming with just a little inspiration and some cheap tricks.

1. Set up a lovely tray table and a seating area.

If you have a small living room but it’s still an airy and bright room, perhaps you should get a small tray table or two and set up a seating area. It’s going to be cozy and comfortable and the vintage charm will definitely make the whole area look lovely.

2. Have a comfortable armchair.

If you don’t have an armchair, maybe you can get some cheap one, a couple of comfy poufs or an ottoman and make a cozy reading corner. Add a side table and a lamp and the setup is completed.

3. Hang some curtains.

You can’t always have the luxury of having a bedroom with access to a balcony or terrace so you might want to try to gain that with curtains. Hang the curtains across the windows and it will look like a room divider.

4. Decorate the coffee table.

Set up a lovely sconce above the coffee table or on the wall near it. Use fabrics, wallpaper or simple paper to draw a heart on the glass using a sharpie. Choose something simple that contrasts with the bold patterns around it.

5. Make the room look up-to-date.

Sysophisticated and up-to-date designs can also be beautiful. If you want something a bit vintage then use accessories and furniture pieces made from or with dowels. It’s a bit more complicated but it can be done.

6. Add some flowers.

Make a beautiful arrangement for the room. Use fresh flowers and put them in lamp shade cans or in vases. Use a variety of colorful colorful flowers just to get a variety of extras out of sight. It’s fresh and perfect for the spring.

7. Decorate with ribbons.

You can never go wrong with ribbons. They can be used to decorate the entire room if you want to give it a jolt of color or if you want to emphasize a certain look. Use striped ribbons to emphasize a color such as red, white or blue.

8. Use ottomans or small sofas.

An ottoman is a little piece of furniture that sits in the living room and usually lets us rest our feet from time to time. You can use it as a footstool or a seat. And if you have a big fireplace like in this case, even better, use a fashionable coffee table.

9. Showcase your collection.

Of course, those cute little collections always sit in the corner and they should be displayed like this. They can sit on the coffee table, on a shelf or just casually placed on the nightstand. They are great pieces of decoration for the living room.

10. Decorate your stairs.

Every step needs a focal point. Here’s an idea that works especially well in the case of the staircase. If you have a beautiful step then you can either make it or you can purchase one and place it in the living room, hallway or even in the bedroom.

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