Are you already thinking about retiring? Notice how “old-fashioned” everything feels in modern homes. When I graduated from university, I did not have a home where I could put up all kinds of beams! The major part of my life was always the commute because I lived in the local university annex and had to travel all the time. Lucky for some of my friends who were buying homes rather than renting them, people were still looking for ways to decorate their homes and give them the feeling of living in a unique home away from the constant clutter of friends and family.

Today’s featured images reveal that ceiling beams are no longer an expected occurrence in dwellings, nor are they nearly taboo in recent years. Indeed, in some countries, and perhaps especially in the US, ceiling beams have become a common occurrence.

Image © Carl Scott Architects, Inc.

For starters, this image serves as a great reminder that the importance of cleanliness when it comes to your home is as important as the way it gets dirty. Have you ever thrown up a red carpet or used your lawn grass to decorate your home? If so, I’d recommend moving your curtains back, because you likely could use an air purifier instead of keeping an entire population of houseplants behind your walls.

Ceiling Beams in the Backyard.

Having some nifty extra beams available for extra seating area in your backyard is always a bonus, and no one needs that! The excess horizontal surface can give you a false impression to your pool, trees, or other structure. The beams can be used as support posts, which is a bonus as well.

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Take a look around at all the indoor and outdoor structures in your backyard and come up with a list of must haves. If you have any ideas or additional features, let us know.