Grey is a neutral color and it’s one of the neutrals used by architects and interior designers. It’s also a versatile color that can be used in any room of the house and for that a black vanity is always a good idea. Especially in the bathroom. The bathroom is the room that will be the most eye-catching room of the house so you want to choose the right design and the furniture accordingly.

You can simply opt for a minimalist design and have a white vanity with a matching sink and towel bar, matching mirror and faucet but you can also opt for an unique and unusual shape and give the bathroom a more sophisticated feel. Then there’s also another option: to opt for a more ornate and opulent bathroom vanity, with elaborate trims and decorative elements.

Grey Bathrooms – A Trend You Should Definitely Pursue Photo 2

They are all very elegant and chic and they all have that special something that makes them stand out. Whether you choose a vanity with a mirror or one with built-in storage, the effect is essentially the same. The only difference is that you’ll be having to sacrifice a little more space in the bathroom and you’ll also be looking at an empty side of the room, with no other decorative elements. So even though small bathrooms can be very charming and beautiful, choosing the style and everything else in advance is a great way to avoid unnecessary expenses.