Inspired by a need to have a fresh perspective over dull interior appliances, the designer team at Buro Volataro created an inspiring, eclectic interior design using unconventional décor and a creative, artful synthesis of several, similar items.

The home, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is not actually a home but rather a business, and was designed for and installed by the architect Benjamin Hubert of studio Hubert Arquitetos Associados.

Its style is casual but delicate; minimalism is the order of the day, and its wide windows and breezy curtains help to break up the monotony.

The interior’s disparate but cohesive materials give it an atmosphere full of life and mood, and welcome in visitors and onlookers alike.

In its interior, different decorative and structural devices act as a division between public and private spaces, allowing areas of the home to be used privately and isolated from the rest of the world.

Platino Villarreal