Are you a big fan of office-style wooden furniture? So are we (especially the writer). But even though that takes us at least a few years to realize how tiresome its office is, it’s starting to see the silver lining. And what’s more meaningful to an office than the person who works there?

It’s true that things like the computer, the laptop or the tablet don’t matter as long as they’re happy to be there. But what if they could have their own home and earn their living? That sounds like a lot of fun to imagine and It’s even funnier when you actually get to imagine it. We’re basking in the image below which is from the Internal Design Store, a design and branding agency from New York. For only $225.000 you can buy a special cabinet for the desk or a place to store your CDs, DVDs, books, magazines or the rest of the things you usually keep on the desk, but only if you have a special place to put it.