This contemporary, light-weight residence is a project by Yohan Amper Architects that is located in Kafeness, Israel.

The home is composed of two sections, one that is more rectangular in shape and larger than the other.

Portable Light Weight Residence By Yohan Amper Architects Photo 2

It was designed to be a shelter for those who wish privacy and a place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of their urban environment.

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portable light weight residence by Yohan Amper Architects:

Portable Light Weight Residence By Yohan Amper Architects Photo 4

“On a sinking hill facing the nowhere, I proposed a prudent solution to save up valuable space on one of the floors by clustering the rooms on one level – thus leaving the intermediate level open space, as a buffer zone between the indoor and outdoor.

When I started the project, this home had already been completed by previous owner. My plan was to restore its structure and to create a modern house by taking away all the unnecessary walls and partitions and removing all the non-hiding structures.

The former living and dining room area was removed, widened and reformed to create larger spaces facing the garden and the neighbors park.

The private bedroom areas were redistributed in the north and south. In the north façade we have placed a series of large openings that allow the light to enter into the room and to create cool breezes. In addition, these openings help diffuse the noise from the street.

The upper floor was extended and got a new angled window that is covered by a wood pergola. Its position changed the aspect of the building, because it opens to the beautiful view. The buffer space between the kitchen and the living room was used as a garage.

We have admired the curves of the facade from the long before the project.

The most attention-getting area is in the roof garden. In order to solve the problem of parking of the car in the long narrow garage, we raised the house and divide it with a bridge, which also helps to open up the garden to the sky.

Finally, the finishing touches are added. In front of the entrance is a water trough that gives color to the facade and waters the swimming pool.

With a perfect backyard, the rest of the house becomes a perfect retreat. We have placed three Japanese cherry trees in the new landscape area, we have bought the place from the groomer house. In the winter, we can see them growing like mushrooms, and during the summer, it is like large unusual flowers.

The new house has three rooms. In the living room, we have placed a table where tea or drinking coffee fits perfectly, and in the second room, we have placed a drawing table for homework or arts and crafts.

In the third room, we have placed a bathroom, and in the master bedroom, we have placed a large dressing room.

Coming in, we see the kitchen is made completely in white, with cabinets and appliances that hide, separating, so to say, the basin and the washing machine. Coming out, we see the dining area, consist of leaning wooden boards, with a table for eight, and upholstered, perfectly matching black leather sofa.

Coming in, we see the same white and black contrast, and the same rearrangement of the furniture, which gives space to different areas.

In the master bedroom, we have the same wall colors, and the same rearrangement of the furniture, arriving at a completely new floor.

Thanks to the above, we have succeeded to create a house, in which all the available space has been used, and the whole room is the comfortable space to be used.