Located in Stockholm, Sweden, the Warehouse Office was designed by Michal Nowak.

The space presents a series of panels with various forms resembling doors, allowing individuals to enter and leave the building at will.

Worn and Worn by Michal Nowak:

Warehouse Office Design By Michal Nowak Photo 3

“Worn and Worn is a business office with hidden storage and wall unit. The kitchen was previously unheated. When the kitchen was thrown open it became a room with a coat hanger leading to the bedroom and with a small sofa and seat in the middle of it all one can say goodbye to the day.

Warehouse Office Design By Michal Nowak Photo 4

The warehouse was covered with old residential tiles and brick lining all along the perimeter. The idea was to make the most of the first floor and second floor and to use it for storage while keeping it quiet.”

Photos by: Patrick Malmöhörb