It’s Halloween time, and that means we need to spice up the decorations around the house! Rather than relying on cliche trends of candy colours and black and white or outdated traditional style for Halloween decorations, why not bring a little bit of fun, unique personality to the holiday by using our glass vases to show off your Halloween decor!

Of course, glass can be used with several different themes and color schemes to create stunning pop art pieces highlighting the Halloween name and style! You can even create some Halloween wall art by simply adding a custom symbol to the vase.

Glass Vase Ideas: Spooky And Chic Photo 2



1. Start by arranging your glass vase with the Halloween shape by either painting the vase or by drawing it on it using a pencil. If desired, use white spray paint (better if left off the bubbling and mud) and then allow it to dry completely.

2. Next, carefully paint your vase (or leaves it on the fridge) with black spray paint. Spray a few coats, followed by dry painting. Here we used a glossy lacquer which protected the glass well and was easy to clean off.

3. Once the first coat of paint is dry, carefully pull-back the vinyl so you don’t have to harden the entire leaf out of the glass vase (which this might be hard if you’re using a vase made from clear glass or a spray paint). I held off using just a second coat but you may decide to spray two coats).

4. Once the second coat is dry, carefully peel back the vinyl so you can peel it off easily.

5. Lastly, to make sure your new vase fit nicely and doesn’t show through your Halloween banner, coat the outside of your vase with dark and light metallic spray paint. Then set it aside to dry.

6. Lastly, to finish your project, spray a final coat of glass paint on the final vase and set aside. Top off your vase with moss, or candy (if you wish) and place it on your table for a fun, spooky Halloween decoration!