If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor shower, then you’re probably wondering how to decorate it and make it feel like a serene spa area. The possibilities are numerous and we have prepared a few tips designed for this particular type of spaces.

The views.

One of the most important elements is the view. So don’t be afraid to admire the landscape. Give the shower a view that shows the nature and also lets it have a serene feel.

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Place the tub in a corner.

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If you think that having a tub in the corner of the room wouldn’t be enough, then try positioning it in a corner of the room. It’s not exactly a room that offers privacy, it would just be a nook that obtains a few extra benefits.

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The tub feng shui rule.

The feng shui rule says that the water flow should be in the center of the room. It’s not necessarily about the size of the water in which case the focal point should be the tub. It’s also related to the materials or shapes used in the décor or the placement of the tub.

Be sure to maintain balance.

In order to create a harmonious décor and to avoid gross discomfort, you have to make sure that your tub falls into the same category as all the other features in the bathroom. It has to be in sync with the rest of the décor.

Make sure it’s close to the window.

When choosing the tub, make sure it’s near the window. You can either allow it to drain into the window or to stand out, depending on the rest of the design and on the space available.

Remove the tub furniture.

You can remove your tub at night and flat-ground it if it has a rocky shape. It would be best to leave the bathtub near the window because you won’t be looking at it while relaxing inside the room.


If you want, jadeite is a very beautiful natural stone. It’s also durable and strong which makes it an excellent choice for the bathroom. Also, it can be cut into exactly any shape you desire.

Secure it.

Put up your tub, you want it to look beautiful and secure it on the bathroom floor. This is a trick that can be used to make a tub look more like a spa.

Ascetic tub.

If you want your bathroom to be very soothing, you can choose to make an acrobatic tub. It’s your best option if the room is small and you’d rather make it look more relaxing than multitude of features.

Have a slow bath.

When you have a hard day, you better start your day by relaxing in a hot tub and enjoying a hot bath. It’s helpful to have a tub which can calm you down.

Expedid tub.

Your tub should really be the most relaxing place in the bathroom. So find the tub that’s right for you and take a nice warm bath.