One of the most important aspects of a home is its balance between essential and unassumable concepts. Usually when someone needs a certain space or an area of the house, it has to be designated to that function and not other areas. But what if they could have their own home and they would just have a choice? That’s also what Vanessa DeLeon did when designing her home.

The residence is located in Murray, WA. It’s a beautiful home with a historic appeal and a fascinating interior décor. The interior design is eclectic but, most of all, it’s elegant and with a certain amount of romantic charm. Chloe chose matching elegant curtains in several shades of brown for the living room and for the bedroom. She also chose few wallpapers including floral prints, mostly neutral, to create a calm and elegant interior.

The dining room features brown wallpaper on the walls and brown glass tiles to complement the other furniture pieces. Even though the main color is white, the lighting makes the décor stand out. Subtle lighting is important in this room and it was used to give it a warm look and to enable the use of white cupboards. The walls are partially covered with a single layer wallpaper with a simple but chic pattern. It’s just one example of how easy it is to make a décor change. Still, some old trends are always welcomed new, when you can find them and when they would make your home feel pastel and charming as well.

Royal Dining Room Designs From Vanessa DeLeon Photo 3

Royal Dining Room Designs From Vanessa DeLeon Photo 4