This quiet home is the meditation nook designed by Aimee Leigh, who owns this cottage in the woods of Ontario, Canada. This cottage is hidden in the trees, with only the reflection of the water off the windows and the moonlight reflections illuminating it. It is decorated with a traditional butcher cooler as a mantle, but it is totally up to you!

This home is perfect for those that need a bit of calmness and relaxation after a day of work. It is covered in pine wood that has some lovely pine light green color that will perfectly blend into any wooded area. The interior consists of a butcher- block fireplace that is naturally built to withstand all weather conditions, and also a classic bedroom with a big comfortable bed and an old fashioned wooden desk chair.

The living is spacious and calm. The color palette is a nice combination of white and pale yellow with some colorful inserts throughout. Most of the furniture is white, so the shiplap ceiling and the grey walls keep it feeling a little more airy.