I was once asked by a friend of mine to make a starburst mirror. I was not too enthusiastic about the request, as I do not consider that a necessary evil. It was then that I remembered my friend had made a starburst mirror. Although the mirror seemed to be made of some crackling pieces of metal the idea was to use plywood instead of wood. Having recently redesigned the space we can see that it is made of both plywood and sheet metal and along with some LED lights under the plywood supported by the metal that we can see on the ceiling.

Although the mirror may seem simple the idea of making a mirror with lights under it is more complicated than that. More like a sculpture the light bulbs are sculpted in such a way that every light inside the cluster of lights covers the edge of the mirror like a ribbon and the visual image is amazing. I must admit I was very impressed by this project and I do not know who came with the idea, but I think it is a great idea.