The Scandinavian style is known for its simplicity and minimalism. It’s a style that doesn’t focus on adding glamorous details or decorative features. The focus in this case is on functionality and practicality and this makes it perfect for the kitchen. It’s a space designed by James Schaeder.

The designer envisioned this kitchen as a small continental island. It has a space for a sink, for cooking, a place for a table and maybe a countertop but also for serving. The top is an extension of the kitchen counter that seamlessly transitions into a dining table. It’s a semi-outdoor space under the eaves for frequent dining.

Scandinavian Kitchens Designs – A Simple And Spacious Continent Inspired By Nature Photo 2

The island also features a bar pushed underneath against the raised space. The engineered stone facade matches the interior of the kitchen. The wood used for the accent wall adds texture and warmth to the décor, allowing the atmosphere in the kitchen to be a little more inviting.

Scandinavian Kitchens Designs – A Simple And Spacious Continent Inspired By Nature Photo 3

The accent wall designed by Javier Fernandez of Tembolat has a dramatic impact on the kitchen. The rich colors and shiny finish give it a dramatic look while the white furniture and minimal accessories allow it to be the perfect combination of warm and cold colors.

Both interior design studio Scandinavian Architects and Riad El Finn created a welcoming and homely décor where the kitchen is separated from the rest of the open space. It’s a visual delimitation between the different areas of the open floor plan.

The kitchen island has a wooden extension which can be used as a dining table or bar. A gridded glass section allows it to be used as a storage compartment for pots and pans, thus eliminating the need for a separate pantry.

The kitchen island matches the dining table to perfection. The two have built-in storage underneath with compartments for keeping utensils, plates, wine bottles and other things.

The kitchen island also incorporates a series of shelves designed to frame it and to complement its architecture. The contrast between the wooden floor and the white ceiling is one of the most eye-catching design features in the case of this entire space.

The whole kitchen island is made of wood and is more or less the same size as a regular island. In this case, however, the design is a mixture of old and new. Some of the built-in storage is built into the island while others are integrated into the countertop.

Both the wooden floor and the top are covered in wood while the lower section features steel mesh for a more refined look and the steel mesh follows the same pattern as the wooden panels for a modern and yet timeless look.

The kitchen pantry is simple and small, only including the essentials: a sink, a stove top and a fridge but, of course, none of this is without a beautiful and practical bench. The choice of brown and white give it an industrial vibe which suits the space really well.

A different kind of kitchen pantry is featured here. In this case, a combination of open and closed modules offers a diverse distribution of the necessary storage space for various different things, from food items to pots and pans.

In this particular case, the wrinkles and the slight imperfections give this pantry a unique and interesting look. It’s a combination of antique and modern features which results in a transitional design.