You might think that wall decor is a bit old-fashioned and outdated, but this is actually a pretty wide spread, especially in interior design. Designers find new and updated ways to include this useful piece of furniture and many other elements, but the idea behind the trend is actually quite versatile and timeless.

Swedish designer Johan Johansson introduced a third variation of wall decor in the form of surfboards. These add a touch of fun and playfulness to a space without being strictly-functional and without focusing on functionality and functionality.

Surfboards Wall Decor Photo 2

The popularity of surfboards in contemporary interior design is also fueled by their versatility and ability to add fun and playful elements to just about any setting or space. They can be just as successfully integrated in a Scandinavian-style home as they would in a modern or contemporary one.

Surfboards Wall Decor Photo 3

Surfboards Wall Decor Photo 4