Blue is a powerful and bright color but also a cold color so a cool option is to maintain the same characteristics for the rest of the décor. Basically you can work with blue in numerous different ways. On this subject, a beautiful lounger would fit the room perfectly. Let’s have a look at some examples.

Since blue is the perfect color to choose if you want your home office to be just right, let’s focus on the furniture. Since the desk would be of great importance in this case, you could choose a modern style or one that has a simple design. Make sure the monitor is on the same level as this focal point.

If you want the décor to be relaxing, minimalist and peaceful, all your work will be done. A single sofa would be enough. And since the sofa would be grey, the rest of the furniture can be white or black, in which case the décor will be beautifully balanced.

Also, a nice and interesting idea would be to opt for a small desk and a chair. It would make the whole room look a little less overwhelming. Opt for a small chair and a fold down table. The combination of colors is quite beautiful and the image they create is refreshing.

But usually these brainstorming projects are too big and overwhelming so instead of focusing on the large part of the décor you could include in the small space that you use for work. For example, you could have a simple wooden table and a chair.

Decorating the work space and the area under the desk is very important. It’s the space where you can really show your creativity and you can let your imagination run wild if you want to use it in all sorts of creative ways.

This particular desk is small and it actually looks really cozy. It’s perfect for writers, doctors, and building masters. I also like the way the doors were designed for this portion of the house.

One of the most impressive and spectacular work spaces I’ve seen. It’s a cube-shaped white desk made of oak wood. It’s a great space-saver and it complements beautifully the minimalist décor the rest of the room has also been furnished with.