Walk up the stairs to this custom, made by artist Mark Gultner of Toronto, and you’re sure to feel like you’re stepping into the shoes of an iconic artist. This complete wooden table is an intriguing centerpiece to your home. A generous amount of light coming through the tree canopy and a line of railings brings the outdoors in. The Gultner’s view of the living room setting reveals the vibrant colors and beautiful textiles that add the finishing touch. An inviting place to spend a warm evening and patio dining would be the perfect setting for this inviting table.

This table would look great in a home with darker, more neutral tones on the walls. In fact, the natural light coming through the tree canopy is an excellent way to bring some beautiful daylight deep into the home.

This is a unique idea and a great opportunity to get creative and furniture shopping is always a good idea, especially because of all the furniture stores you can find a great deal.