Condos Interiors is a project completed by assistant5studio.

It is located in Montréal, in Quebec, Canada; and was finished in 2013.

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Condos Interiors by assistant5studio:

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“The project involves the remodelling of a condominium in a building located on Rue L’aurteux, one block of Mélange Square.

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The condo is an antique one, dating back to the 1920s. It has a wonderful vintage décor that the owners loved so much that they decided to keep the entire space.

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The goal was to create a spacious floor plan without any corridors or dark spaces.

The most important feature of the condo is the kitchen. Because it was an old structure, they decided to leave in its original, exposed state. That is why it has preserved its hues and wood finishes.

Originally the kitchen was compartmentalized. They were organized along the wall using cabinets. Of course, they were not as large as they should have been, and nor were all the other rooms.

A very nice space to create a warm and welcoming feel was given to the bathroom. Carved wood planter boxes were added to old white doors, revealing a Japanese-inspired décor.

The owners wanted to turn the old garage into a guest bedroom. They wanted it to be spacious enough to allow a guest to sleep and spend time undisturbed.

They asked that the new garage be integrated with the garden so they could create an outdoor space to relax during the warmer months.