This panel door is part of a larger collection of contemporary mirror panel doors.

They are all designed by Shinsaku Miri, an Italian designer based in Milan.

Mirror panel doors are an ingenious and versatile solution for dealing with awkward squares and rectangular spaces. They allow for flexible expansion and partial distortions of the space and, in some cases, require no floor space at all.

They are particularly functional in small apartments, where floor space is always an issue. It’s when such complications arise and can prove to be very practical. It’s why mirror panel doors are so appreciated, these being an easy and functional solution that covers small spaces and simplifies the interior décor.

This is a typical example of a panel door. The door is not adjustable and this introduces a certain bias in the design but it does make the room seem taller. Also, it’s a shade that can be used to create a focal point and to add a touch of color to the décor.

Such partial distortions of the classic panel door are often used in the bathroom as well. In this case the door is used for the mirror and the space underneath it is used for storage.

There are numerous types of panel doors and they all have their advantages. The alteration of the panel design, for example, is a detail that comes with the design of the door. It’s an interesting way of taking advantage of the natural light and storage space that are usually useless.

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