There’s no bedroom that’s as cozy and inviting as this one. The K-01 bedroom by Team 7 impresses with its overall interior design, with a touch of Scandinavian influence, a simplicity that makes it very charming and with an aura of casual elegance. The combination between neutral tones and vibrant colors is a very successful one, especially combined with the gray background.

The bed frame features simple and sleek legs also known as shelf panels, the same as the headboard. The headboard is designed to impress in a similar fashion to the bedside benches. The combination of colors and textures is really beautiful as well thanks to the diversity of patterns, forms and colors the designers managed to integrate in each one of the rooms. The bathroom has a bright and fresh look, with white tiles on the walls and furniture that presumably has a little more in common with the living room than whatever the designs may feature.

Modern Bedroom Designs From Team 7 Photo 2

Modern Bedroom Designs From Team 7 Photo 3