Another of the many interesting ideas in this portfolio, the Stockholm-based artist Jimmie Martin comes with a really interesting series of shelves made of stockholm concrete. The basic principle remains the same but the design and the details are completely different. The artist says it’s a “poetic landscape” inspired by the elements, that have a link back to ancient Greek legend.

The stockholm concrete structure used for these shelves will surely catch your eye. They are made by drilling a 3D mold in concrete and filling it with a mixture of concrete and water. This gives it a flawless finish and makes it possible to achieve the combination of textures that the artist wanted to achieve. The sculptures are very well camouflaged, so when you step on them they seem to blend in. They have a sculptural aspect and they look like they come from another world. They are extremely lightweight being 8 kg, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you’re one those who like deep, sinuous lines and curves then this is swaying furniture you’ll love.