Just another day in the new year… Another house built inside the walls, inside the house. From the outside, it’s just another regular house. But when you step inside, you change everything. The inside is outfitted to meet the outside in order to be able to enjoy the nice weather until the end of the year. In the next few days, the owners will be able to enjoy it, because the work will be done.

The passage will take place between the garage and the main entrance of the house, and it will be quite narrow, so there’s not much room for much of it to happen if it weren’t for a passage to be drawn towards the outside and a way to get somewhere to sleep.

If we go as planned, we’ll be able to sleep in the house for around 8 hours, maybe longer. The inside has been remodeled to suit a modern lifestyle, with an emphasis on the social aspects. I’m sure the inner space of your house can be and may not be suitable for sleeping as late as you want.

Inside Stone Wall, Outside The House, Is About To Be Invaded By Light Photo 3