The structure on which the loft ceiling is placed is a common one, depending on the environment and on the functions that are placed there but also on the shape and the material from which the whole structure is made. For example, in the basement of this modern house in Turin, Italy, Paulina Czitoro used wooden larch in an abundance of different shades of gray, with copper and transparent glass as an accent in order to create a strange but beautiful atmosphere.

The lack of doors allows the light to penetrate the upper floor and create a pleasant and cozy mood, while the skylights let the natural light come in. In spite of the fact that wood is the material of choice because it makes closeness and coziness, the decoration has kept its main role to blend in and to create harmony.

Loft Ceiling By Fabio Nades Photo 2

This style can be easily identified by the fact that all the walls have been painted white, thus creating a brilliant, fresh and airy decor. The floors are also white, the only exceptions to this (the wood paneled ones) coming from the kitchen and the bathroom. The cabinetry and the shelving are also white, for a perfect balance and, of course, to contrast with the stark gray walls.

Loft Ceiling By Fabio Nades Photo 3

Loft Ceiling By Fabio Nades Photo 4