What would you think if you were to walk around a grand room with windows on all four sides? You would probably see an elegant interior design with glass walls covering almost the entire room. In fact, in this house, the interior is almost entirely white, and the furniture and decorations are minimal and perhaps antiquing, which is a perfect atmosphere for a room decorated in minimalist white.

The walls are high, so the ceiling is high too, and the high windows are designed in a classical style with big windows. There is a comfortable furniture set, which stands about the room perimeter, with some modern looking decorations, but the most impressive part is the amazing white spiral staircase leading to the upstairs, made in stainless steel and wood and with glass walls that are perfect to reflect light, without obstructing the magnificent surroundings from the living room.

In fact the whole interior design of this house is based on transparency, so the living room is the only part that isn’t completely opened to the exterior, but it is still connected to the kitchen and probably most of the other rooms.

Two Tone Room Design By Max Gough Photo 4

Two Tone Room Design By Max Gough Photo 5