Jewels have always proven to be precious and beautiful. This makes them so attractive and appreciated. There’s a very large collection of them and they are all hanging in the walls. However, not everyone has enough imagination or creativity to create something like this. Those who are talented and working with custom-made items know how difficult it can be to make something look perfect. In this case, the designer didn’t bother herself with this project.

The collector loves the beautiful imperfections of the precious stones. She remembered that at some point she had to break several glass bottles in order to make them look good together. This is the lead designer of the jewelry collection focusing on rare handcrafted necklaces made of fine gold. The collection also includes several other interesting accessories like the like the like a date sheet holder made from the threads of broken iPhone 6s.

The designer also has a place to display the collector’ s most valued objects like the Michael Aram Necklace or the Dianeine dinnerware along with the Michael Jordan Quartet ring. These are just a few examples of how skilled she is at this art. The designer also likes to knit and to be very careful with the finishing touches. She also likes to create very beautiful and elegant wall decorations herself.