If you are a traffic freer, then you probably work for a team and even commute a lot, so you may shave and drink a lot, but I reckon you also need a little peace and quiet. Well, the next image is the perfect example of how you can have all the comfort and technology you need in a tepee in a big city. This giant tepee is the perfect amplification for your family, because you can enjoy all the time in the house without ever leaving the house, so the friends you may invite for a party will find this tepee extremely convenient and cool.

The tepee consists of multiple segments: the smaller segments as the rods and poles for hanging clothes, the larger ones as the shelves and the big ones as the tables. Because the tepee is so big and comfortable, the seats also fit perfectly in the middle. You need not worry about the floor space because everything is included in the price.

Making A Tepee In A Big City Photo 2

The tepee keeps the water inside and is totally ecological because it is made by a company that produces the tepees for association with watertight conditions from sunny Mediterranean waters and is only sold as one unit. But if you want to have the tepees of your dreams, you can have them for a price of £995. This is a great tepee for the patio and the internet after that.

Making A Tepee In A Big City Photo 3

Making A Tepee In A Big City Photo 4