Do you have a little one who is just a bit too small for regular cribs. This one is perfect for him. The crib is very well designed and it is very comfortable for him. For the rest of his parents, who are also grandparents and have a large family, this is a piece of furniture that they will definitely love.

The crib is entirely made of cotton bed liner and is very thick and nice to touch. It is the perfect bed and crib that you need for your baby. The nice pattern is sweet and now you can see this why your child is loving it so much. It is a real pleasure to wash the bed and see your baby so beautiful.

The crib is completely white and the bright colour of the crib and of its cover are made of linen and cotton. The grey background shade of the linen change the whole picture, but its white and soft and gives the impression of beauty and cleanliness. The crib is perfectly safe for your baby, as it is made of hypo-allergenic cotton and its surface is water proof. You can have such a nice crib at the prices of $2,495.00 and $2995.00.

Round Baby Crib With My Favourite Pattern And Colouring Photo 4